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The Best Stuff

Refuse to compromise

We’ve traveled the world and have worked remotely for decades, so we have exacting demands for mobile living. We explored all of the available van options and off-the-shelf DIY possibilities. And when we realized there simply wasn’t a vehicle equipped for the connectivity, power and comfort we demanded, we decided to build our own.

For more than a year, we’ve relentlessly researched technical solutions and configurations—and built and rebuilt prototypes—to ensure that Remote Vans offer only the “best stuff” relative to any other van on the market. We’ve agonized over every small detail, so you don’t have to.

Simply put, Remote Vans are crafted for demanding customers like us, who want only the best, top-of-the-line components and technologies, and who refuse to compromise connectivity, power and comfort on the road.

Fast, amplified & reliable

Stay connected everywhere

Staying connected to a fast, strong, reliable signal is fundamental to remote work and play(station). While you might want to “disconnect” for a hike from time to time, Remote Vans ensure you’ll always be as connected as you can and want to be.

Imagine being surrounded by pristine wilderness, having returned from a brisk morning hike in time for a video conference call with colleagues thousands of miles away. Your Remote Van enables you to connect in full HD video with the best, rock-solid connection strength possible. That means crystal-clear audio and video with no lagging or dropped signals. Whether or not you show your colleagues what they’re missing is up to you.

Superior connectivity means you can stream your favorite series while you’re on the road, play games with friends across the world, and stay connected with loved ones in high-definition video—all from the comfort of your luxuriously appointed home on wheels. So while you can choose to “get away from it all” whenever you want, Remote Vans ensure that you’ll have fast, reliable access to the rest of the world, from anywhere—when you want it.

Connectivity Systems


weBoost Drive Reach Fleet
  • Reaches cell towers up to 74% farther than competitors
  • Durable, permanent-mount NMO antenna installed on roof
  • Fully 5G Compatible

OASIS Series

  • Holds two (2) SIM Cards and provides hot-failover, so you always stay connected
  • Receives both Wi-Fi and cellular signals and rebroadcasts one powerful Wi-Fi network in and around van
  • 4x 5G/LTE Antennas - 2x2 MIMO (this means it's really fast with the right signals)
  • 2x Wi-Fi Antennas - receive nearby Wi-Fi networks to rebroadcast
  • 1x GPS Antenna - know where you are at all times
Flexible, efficient & fast

Enjoy more power

You need reliable, long-lasting power for remote work and play. Whether on or off the grid, Remote Vans’ industry-leading power-generation and storage systems ensure you’ll have all the juice you need to empower the lifestyle you want to enjoy.

Imagine enjoying all of the comforts of home while “off the grid” for days at a time. Running lights and charging mobile devices are easy, but what about your air conditioning, microwave, refrigerator, stovetop, shower and anything else you want to enjoy along the way? That kind of compromise-free mobile living requires a lot of power. Thankfully, Remote Vans generate power more quickly—and can store power longer—than anything else on the market.

Remote Vans feature items like a dedicated, secondary alternator that fully recharges its system in fewer than three hours of driving, plus remote-started, high-idle functionality for powering the system whenever you’ve decided to go for multiple days without driving. The solar array can power the refrigerator even after the battery bank is depleted, and when fully charged, equipped Remote Vans models can power two full nights of continuous air conditioning, off grid.

Power Systems


  • 12V 220Ah energy-storage system
  • Victron Smart monitoring with bluetooth-enabled BatteryProtect
  • Victron Smart MPPT already installed - solar is pre-wired and ready to plug-in (we can do this for you!)
  • Multiple USB-C and 12V ports

OASIS Series

  • 24V Victron 10kWh energy-storage system with New Smart BMS (Introduced 2021)
  • 3000W Victron Charger/Inverter with 5+ AC outlets and USB-C ports
  • Advanced touch-screen control (also featuring Bluetooth & remote options)
  • High-output dedicated auxiliary alternator — recharge from empty to full in <3 hours of driving
  • Remote-start system with high-idle functionality (control from your smartphone)
  • 120W solar panels installed (fully expandable)
Never compromise comfort

Travel comfortably

Living a remote lifestyle successfully means not compromising on comfort. You want to be as comfortable traveling as you would be at home. That’s why Remote Vans are fully equipped for maximum comfort, no matter where the road takes you.

Sleeping pads and camping stoves are fun for a weekend, but when you want to travel for extended periods of time without compromising comfort, you need a better setup. Remote Vans enable you to experience the great outdoors fully, and then return to a luxurious, climate-controlled, four-season home on wheels for mobile work, play, and a great night’s sleep.

All Remote Vans feature powerful, off-grid-capable air conditioning, a diesel-powered heater, and extensive insulation and sound-proofing for quiet, comfortable living in any conditions. Preparing a great meal in the kitchen is easy with Remote Vans’ induction stovetop, microwave, on-demand hot and cold-water taps, and generous storage compartments. At the end of a long day, you can unwind with a piping-hot shower, watch a movie and relax on your queen-width bed that comfortably accommodates travelers up to 6’5” in height.

Comfort Systems


Espar Diesel-fired air heater
  • Advanced thermostat
  • Automatic high-altitude adjustments
Maxxfan Deluxe
  • 2-way adjustable airflow in/out
  • Rain hood
  • Remote control

OASIS Series

All items from FRIDAY Series plus:

Super-efficient 13k btu air conditioner
  • Made in the USA
  • Runs 100% from battery power for up to 16 hours on a single charge (unmatched in the industry)
Marine-grade hot water system
  • Uses engine heat to keep water hot for up to 36 hours after driving (using no additional power)
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